Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Interior Door Openings

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The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL comes in a sectional panel design. The panels are connected using aluminum profiles and have specially designed edges that allow the panels to slide easily into the horizontal aluminum profiles for fast replacement.


Standard on the Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL is a light grid built into the guide tracks up to 8'0" high. Completely free of coil cords, the light grid provides a thorough wall of protection for personnel and equipment at the doorway, as compared to other doors that use only photocells. Full perimeter draft seals provide dust and odor containment, as well as general environmental control.


The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL comes with the next generation, Smart Start™ NXT NEMA 4X control box, which accepts 208 v to 575 v / 3-phase / 60 Hz input voltage. The updated control box has a simplified wiring configuration, is more powerful, and has fewer components and cables as compared to the original Smart Start™. Single-phase control box is optional and has our Smart Start™ NXT wiring but with a NEMA 3 rated control box (1-phase, 230 v only).

Optional UPS Emergency Battery Pack - Available with doors equipped with our 230 v / 1-phase control box. With this option, if power is lost to the door, the UPS emergency battery pack automatically opens the door once to allow personnel to quickly exit the area.


Application /Size

Interior or Exterior:

Model 9000L:    Up to 16'0" wide x 14'0" high or 21'0" wide x 10'8" high.
Model 9000 LH: Up to 21'0" wide x 9'0" high.


11/16" (17.46 mm) thick x 4.3" (109.22 mm) high Decotherm® steel panel slats constructed of a polyurethane core, covered with a triple layered skin.  Thermal bridges connect the slats, and use of a fine-pore rigid foam infill ensure excellent thermal insulation.  Standard color is RAL 9006 White on both the exterior and interior.


Windows are optional.  Each rectangular window is 5-5/8" wide x 1-3/4" high, double pane, polycarbonate.


Interior applications:
Zinc Yellow (RAL 1018) / Pure Orange (RAL 2004) / Carmine Red (RAL 3002) / Gentian Blue (RAL 5010) / Agate Grey (RAL 7038) / Pure White (RAL 9010) is 30 oz.

Operating Speed

Up to 45" per second.

20" per second.

Guide Tracks

Low-profile, anodized aluminum guide tracks contain a built-in light grid (see safety devices below) and require only 4" of clearance on both sides.  Full perimeter sealing is achieved with brush seals located within the tracks.

Direct-Drive Motor

Compact, self-monitoring direct-drive motor is maintenance free, has a patented built-in catch system and sealed bearings to accommodate high cycle applications.

Control Box

Standard: Smart Start™ NXT NEMA 4X (3-phase, 208 to 575 v).
Optional:  HFCB  NEMA 3 Smart Start™ NXT (1-phase, 230 v only).

Safety Devices

Standard: Integral light grid up to 8'0" high automatically reverses the door when a beam is interrupted, reducing the likelihood of damage to the panel and contact with personnel or materials.  This system eliminates wear items, i.e., coil cords and photo eyes.