Insulated Service Rolling Steel Doors from CornellCookson

Insulated Rolling Steel Service Doors From CornellCookson

Insulated service rolling steel doors can be made out of various types of metal slats, including those composed of aluminum or steel. When these doors open up, the slats of metal roll into an overhead coil. 

At Crawford Door Sales, we carry rolling steel doors with the rich feature sets you need for your commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.

Benefits of Insulated Rolling Steel Service Doors

Because every building has unique requirements, we carry a wide range of insulated rolling steel service doors. We only stock items made with premium, commercial-grade materials, and our selections can be customized to meet your specifications and style preferences. From adding windows to choosing a color that suits your building, you'll be able to create a door that seamlessly fits your specific application. 

All of the doors we carry have minimal maintenance requirements and will deliver a long service life.

Rolling Steel Door Types 

At Crawford Door Sales, we carry CornellCookson's collection of insulated rolling steel service doors, which includes:

Extreme 1024 High Performance Rolling Doors 

The Extreme 1024 High Performance Rolling Door is specially engineered to provide you with increased productivity. In fact, these doors are three times faster than normal overhead sectional doors, making them ideal for high-use openings. While they offer high performance, they also provide you with cost and energy savings.

Extreme 300 Series High Performance Rolling Door

Like its counterpart, the Extreme 300 Series High Performance Rolling Door works well with applications needing continuous uptime. This rolling steel door delivers high speed, yet stays precise and smooth when it is operating. It offers an extended life cycle thanks to its gentle start and stop processes generating little wear on the operating hardware. This model also features intelligent operation, allowing you to use the Apex SmartController to view details like the door's status. 

Thermiser Insulated Rolling Door

Commercial buyers use the Thermiser Insulated Rolling Door to maintain climate control in hospitality, retail, industrial and distribution settings. With its foamed-in-place insulation, this door ensures precise temperature control for a space, allowing you to store sensitive items safely. The insulation also assists with sound reduction and provides increased protection. 

Thermiser Max Insulated Rolling Door 

The Thermiser Max Insulated Rolling Door is ideal for exterior openings that need separation on the door's sides. Because this door minimizes thermal transference and air filtration, it is an energy-efficient option for those seeking to help the environment and increase their green building rating. This door also offers extremely quiet operation.

Uses of Insulated Rolling Service Doors 

Insulated rolling steel doors are a staple for industrial operations and commercial businesses. Whether you are looking for a rolling steel door for a distribution center or a secure closure for a retail building, CornellCookson's collection can keep the temperature regulated inside and deliver long-lasting durability and security for your facility. 

Choose Crawford Sales as Your Commercial Door Provider 

At Crawford Door Sales, our family business has been serving residences and commercial buildings throughout Twin Cities, Minnesota, for over five decades. We take pride in being able to deliver quality products such as our collection of insulated rolling steel doors from CornellCookson.

In addition to distributing and installing garage doors, our trained team of professionals is also available for garage door repair and maintenance services. 

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