Security Grilles from CornellCookson

Security Grilles From CornellCookson

At Crawford Door Sales, we stock industry-leading security grilles from CornellCookson. Many of these security gates offer a variety of features and customization options so you can craft a security solution that perfectly suits your needs. 

Purpose of Security Grille Doors 

Security grille doors, which are typically made of sturdy bars and coils, are designed to deter criminals and add a layer of protection to your building. They can also secure proprietary information and valuables to prevent business losses. Many times, window grilles are used to secure drugs in places like pharmacies to minimize health and safety hazards.

Uses of Security Grilles 

Security grilles provide protection without blocking any light or air. This makes them ideal for spaces like garages, shopping malls or schools where you'd want to maintain full visual access and air circulation.

Another benefit of roll-up grille security gates is that they need little maintenance. In fact, many models require no periodic upkeep at all to provide continual, lasting protection.

Different Types of Security Grilles 

At Crawford Door Sales, we are proud to offer a range of security grilles from CornellCookson. The collection includes:

Cossinggard Emergency Response Grille 

The Cossinggard Emergency Response Grille offers speed, safety, security and simplicity in public areas like schools. If there is an emergency, this grille can open automatically without any electrical requirements, allowing anyone caught inside to escape to safety.  

Extreme 300 Series High Performance Grille 

Designed to operate three times faster than a standard overhead coiling grille, the Extreme 300 Series High Performance Grille works well in high-traffic openings such as those in airports. As an added bonus, this grille accepts almost all security activation systems. 

Heavy Duty 5015 Security Grille 

The Heavy Duty 5015 Security Grille features solid, tightly spaced rods for higher levels of security while still allowing plenty of airflow and visibility.

Microcoil Extreme 300 Series Compact Grille 

Made for openings with limited room, the Microcoil Extreme 300 Series Compact Grille offers exceptional quietness and a low headspace requirement. Even though it is small and runs smoothly, this high-performance grille operates quickly to improve a space's productivity. 

Rolling Security Grille 

If you need something highly specific, the Rolling Security Grille offers different models and material options. This model is ideal for window openings in health care settings or malls and is custom-built to your opening's size. This grille is durable and requires little maintenance. 

Sentrygate Grille 

The Sentrygate Grille, which comes in either black or white, is designed to provide protection behind glass, entrances or counters. It's lightweight and can be stored in a tight coil, but it still offers a high level of security when rolled down. 

Steelweave Metal Mesh Grille 

The Steelweave Metal Mesh Grille features a stainless steel mesh material. This option is customizable, allowing you to incorporate a design or your business's logo for an eye-catching accent.

Get Your Security Grille From Crawford Door Sales 

At Crawford Door Sales, our goal for over 50 years has been to deliver the best products for residential and commercial buildings throughout Twin Cities, Minnesota. That's why we chose CornellCookson to supply our collection of security grille doors and window security mesh grilles. 

If you have any questions about our roll-up grille security gates, just reach out to us. We are also more than happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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