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Commercial Broken Cable Repair

For many businesses, the garage door is one of the most important parts of your business. It offers a safe point of entry, facilitates smooth loading and unloading and adds curb appeal to your building.

While many business owners recognize the importance of the operator and door’s spring system, they may not understand how cables are also a crucial component contributing to your commercial garage door’s overall functionality and performance. With damaged or broken garage door cables, you’ll find the door won’t open and close smoothly and may not even be able to operate, leading to dangerous conditions and delayed productivity.

When you need trusted and reliable commercial garage door cable inspection and repair services throughout St. Paul , MN, don’t hesitate to call the trained professionals at Crawford Door Sales. We have more than six decades of experience working with businesses throughout Minnesota, and we’re dedicated to helping you keep your garage door in pristine condition.

Signs Your Garage Door Cables Are Broken

Commercial garage door cables work along with the spring system to counterbalance the door’s weight while it’s operational. The garage door cables are under an immense amount of tension and weight, and if they’re damaged or poorly maintained, then they’ll naturally wear out over time. Owners should always regularly inspect their commercial garage door system and note any unusual garage door operations that signal broken cables, like: 

  • Hesitant or slow door movement
  • Jerking or unsteady motion 
  • Fraying or worn cables
  • Corrosion and rust buildup
  • Excessively noisy door operations

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Why Ignoring Broken Cables and Performing DIY Repairs Is Dangerous

Many property owners make the mistake of ignoring small garage door operational issues, like clanking sounds or slow movement, as long as it can still raise and lower as instructed. By neglecting signs of garage door malfunctions, you can actually damage other garage door components, like the springs, rollers and tracks. If you ignore the signs of damaged cables, the door could eventually come crashing down without warning.

To prevent excessive damages or injury, you should always try to perform basic visual inspections of the garage door hardware and cables, looking for obvious signs of damage. If you note any unusual performance issues or excessive wear, it’s always best to call in a professional repair technician — the commercial overhead door is heavy and could cause significant damages if mishandled.

Why Trust Crawford Door Sales for Your Commercial Cable Replacement

When you need commercial garage door repair services or cable replacement, you need a local business with reliable, knowledgeable professionals you can trust. At Crawford Door Sales, we’re the most trusted commercial garage door company serving Twin Cities, MN, business owners with comprehensive, dependable commercial garage door services.

To learn more about our broken cable repair services, call us today at 651-455-1221 or complete our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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