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Residential Garage Door Opener Repair

Unexpected garage door breakages aren’t just limited to the door itself — when your garage door doesn’t seem as responsive, quick or dependable as it once was, then you likely have a problem with your garage door opener. Garage door openers are built to last for approximately one decade, and if the door isn’t functioning properly but still appears to be in pristine condition, then you may have a problem with the opener machine. You will want an experienced team like the professionals at Crawford Door Sales to inspect your door because the broken opener could just require repair instead of a full replacement. Our experts will recommend the best solution for your garage door. 

Whether your garage door is only opening intermittently, reverses as it’s closing or refuses to open at all, you can trust that the experts at Crawford Door Sales can respond promptly to your request — with same-day and emergency repair services available — and quickly diagnose the issue, recommending quality repair or replacement solutions that best meet your household’s needs and long-term expectations.

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Is Something Wrong With Your Garage Door Opener?

Garage door openers are made of a variety of intricate parts that work together to help lift and lower the door. While it may not always be obvious when there’s an issue with your garage door opener, there are several features you can troubleshoot to try identifying the cause of your performance problems.

If the door automatically reverses near the floor of the garage, you can inspect the photo eye sensors. Check that they’re properly aligned, and make sure it reverses as intended while the door closes by interrupting the sensor signal with an object like a broomstick. You might also begin to recognize opener malfunctions while it’s functioning, like noisy, jerking, slow operations, or failure to respond at all.

Many of the most common garage door opener malfunctions are caused by:

  • Worn parts like sprockets, drive trains or drive belts
  • Misaligned photo eye sensors
  • Stripped opener gears
  • Improperly programmed limit switches
  • Damaged or old circuit boards or motors

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Crawford Door Sales Can Perform Garage Door Opener Repairs for Any Make or Model

If your garage door opener isn’t performing as smoothly and dependably as it did several years ago, reach out to the trained professionals at Crawford Door Sales to perform prompt and comprehensive residential garage door opener repair or replacement services. Like many other repairs, it may be tempting to try saving a bit of cash by inspecting the opener yourself, but garage doors are much too heavy and potentially hazardous for inexperienced repairmen to handle. With Crawford Door Sales as your trusted repair team, we can quickly identify the problem with your opener and recommend effective repair solutions.

With more than six decades of garage door and opener repair experience, we have the expertise and knowledge to understand how to properly perform garage door opener repair services for any machine make or model, including LiftMaster, Chamberlian, Craftsman, Genie and Stanley.

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Contact the friendly, experienced professionals at Crawford Door Sales today to perform residential garage door opener repair or replacement services. We happily provide garage door repair services for homeowners throughout Twin Cities, MN, and beyond. To learn more about our garage door opener repair services and available replacement products, complete our online contact form or call 651-455-1221.

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