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Commercial Industrial Garage Door Service

Are you a local St. Paul or Minnesota, MN, area business owner who relies on the smooth, dependable functionality of your commercial garage door in your daily operations? A damaged or broken industrial garage door is a serious incident that should be addressed as soon as possible. Malfunctioning commercial garage doors are inconvenient and can slow or stop your company’s productivity, but these damaged doors can also become a serious safety and security concern.

When your industrial garage door needs replacement hardware, operator repairs or routine maintenance, don’t hesitate to call the trained and helpful commercial garage door service professionals at Crawford Door Sales. We have more than six decades of local experience working with a variety of different industries and performing service and repairs for any type of commercial garage door. We offer rapid commercial door repair response times and provide dependable solutions to help improve the safety, security and performance of your commercial garage door.

Common Commercial Garage Door Repairs

If your commercial garage door isn’t performing as efficiently and reliably as it should, it can end up being a costly setback for your business if the issue goes unaddressed for too long.

At Crawford Door Sales, we understand the important role your commercial garage door plays in your daily productivity, and that’s why we offer prompt and comprehensive commercial garage door services for a range of different products, including rolling doors, sectional doors, aluminum and glass garage doors and security grilles. Our team of highly trained and experienced commercial door serving technicians has worked alongside a wide range of different industries and can recommend repair or replacement solutions that will optimize your garage door performance, safety and efficiency.

Some of the most common commercial garage door repairs we can help with include:

  • Excessively noisy operations
  • Garage doors that won’t open or close
  • Slow or unsteady door movement
  • Broken garage door springs and cables
  • Malfunctioning or damaged commercial operators

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Importance of Hiring a Technician for Commercial Garage Door Services

While it may be simple to just ignore the warning signs of a damaged or aging commercial garage door system, by being proactive about commercial door repairs, you can prevent additional damages, avoid safety and security concerns and save money in the long run.

By hiring a professional commercial repair and maintenance technician for all of your commercial garage door services, you can also benefit from:

  • Improved safety measures: Industrial garage doors are incredibly heavy. When mishandled, they can cause significant personal and property damages.
  • Professional grade equipment: A professional repair technician will have access to improved garage door repair tools and hardware for more complete and accurate results.
  • Experience and training: Every commercial garage door product is different, and professional technicians will have the training and knowledge necessary to accurately diagnose the issue with your garage door and recommend effective solutions.
  • Timely results: With better tools and more widespread experience, commercial repair professionals can complete your repairs in a more timely and efficient manner.
  • Prevention: When you hire an expert, they’ll inspect every part of your garage door system to ensure there are no additional repair needs — if they spot a weak area of your garage door, they can recommend effective solutions to prevent future issues.

Commercial Garage Door Service Experts Serving Twin Cities, MN

If you’re a local Twin Cities, MN, business owner needing reliable, helpful and professional commercial garage door services, contact the experts at Crawford Door Sales today. We’re a locally owned and operated company with decades of local experience and are dedicated to offering all our customers’ high-quality, comprehensive commercial garage door products and solutions. To learn more about our commercial garage door services, call us today at 651-455-1221 or complete our online contact form.

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