Door Closing & Opening Issues

Commercial Opening and Closing Issues

Is your garage door stuck in position or immediately reversing once it nears the ground? When you begin to note unusual door performance issues — like the system not properly opening and closing as instructed — you might have a problem with your commercial garage door opener. Commercial operators are incredibly important pieces of garage door equipment, and worn hardware or improper settings can negatively impact your daily operations and present safety and security risks.

If you need commercial garage door opener repair in St. Paul , MN, make sure to reach out to the local experts at Crawford Door Sales as soon as possible. Crawford Door Sales is the most trusted company in commercial garage door repair and maintenance because of our dedication to quality, honesty and personalized solutions. We’re ready to inspect your commercial opener to find the cause of your opening and closing issues and work efficiently and effectively to get the job done right. We can also provide you the next steps to our commercial door sales.

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Reasons Your Commercial Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

Garage door openers rely on several components to work properly, and if one of those pieces isn’t working properly, then it can affect the quality of your commercial operator.

When your garage door is having issues opening and closing, it’s best to first look at the hardware of the commercial door system. Visibly inspect the torsion spring and cables for signs of wear, fraying or corrosion, check that the rails are not bent or damaged and make sure your remote batteries are not dead or the wall control panel isn’t malfunctioning. If you notice odd sounds coming from the operator or hear whirring coming from the machine, but the garage door won’t budge, then you likely need commercial garage door opener repair.

The most common reasons your commercial garage door opener isn’t working properly are:

  • Power failure: Causes of malfunctioning openers are sometimes very simple. If your commercial garage door won’t open or close as commanded, check that the operator is still plugged in and that your building is still receiving power.
  • Trolley carriage disconnected: Another simple solution for a broken opener is that the disconnect switch has been engaged. To check this, simply reconnect the operator to the door for overhead trolley operators or check the emergency release hasn’t been engaged on jackshaft openers.
  • Faulty circuit board or stripped gears: With age, it’s normal for parts of your operator to wear and stop working. If the opener won’t open or close and everything seems in order, then the circuit board might be faulty. However, if you hear noises from the operator, but the door still won’t open or close, then you might have a stripped gear inside the opener.

Why Is Professional Garage Door Repair So Important?

Having a professional garage repair technician inspect your system as soon as you detect a problem is important for maintaining the quality, safety and security of your business.

Unaddressed repair issues can worsen over time and place additional wear on other parts of your commercial garage door system. When doors are stuck open, it can cause security concerns or come crashing down unexpectedly, causing significant personal and property damages. Garage door repairs can be incredibly hazardous, time-consuming and expensive for inexperienced repairmen — that’s why it’s always best to reach out to the local experts at Crawford Door Sales to perform commercial garage door opener repairs.

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If you’re experiencing commercial opening and closing issues, call Crawford Door Sales to inspect your system and quickly determine the cause of your issues. If we find the door is not fixable we can direct you towards our commercial door sales. We happily provide commercial garage door opener repairs throughout Twin Cities and St. Paul, MN.

For the convenience of our customers, we offer free service estimates, emergency after-hour services and part and workmanship warranties. Schedule garage door opener repair services today — call us at 651-445-1221 or complete our online contact form.

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