Industrial Duty

When selecting a new garage door operator for your business, make sure it is industrial grade. These openers are reliable, working as you expect when you need it. Increase your employee productivity, operations and security — all with an industrial-duty opener.

At Crawford Door Sales, we know that having the right garage door opener is vital for your business. Our industrial-duty operators are from LiftMaster®, so you know you're buying a product from one of the best suppliers available.

What Is an Industrial Door?

For many businesses, having the right garage door is a necessary component of business operations. In an environment demanding high productivity and efficiency, your garage door also needs to keep up. An industrial door is built to last and is the perfect choice for businesses requiring security, safety and performance.

Industrial doors feature durable materials such as steel and come in a variety of styles. The many thicknesses, panel designs and door dimensions available for industrial doors make it easy for businesses to invest.

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What Doors Would You Use Industrial-Duty Operators With?

An industrial door performs best when it is paired with a LiftMaster industrial-duty garage door operator. You probably use your industrial door frequently and need a reliable door operator. Keep business operations flowing by using an industrial-duty door operator.

Why Is An Industrial Door Operator Beneficial?

In high-traffic areas of warehouses and industrial complexes, garage doors will go up and down frequently throughout the day. This puts some wear and tear on the door opener. Standard garage door operators built for residential purposes are inadequate for industrial use. They are unable to cycle that often and can break down.

Industrial-duty operators are built to last throughout the day. They are rated for high cycle applications, so they will work every time. Built with safety features in mind, you can stay secure too.

Industrial Garage Door Operator Products From Crawford Door Sales

We have many industrial-duty operators at Crawford Door Sales. No matter which one you choose, you know you are getting a durable and long-lasting door opener.

All of our door openers meet UL 325 standards for safety. Sensors detect any obstructions in the way and will prevent the door from closing to keep your equipment and employees safe. With rated duty cycles of around 25 per hour, your door will work as needed. Some door openers have floor level disconnect cables so you can lift the door manually during an emergency or power outage.

Pair your industrial garage door opener with myQ® technology, which allows you to oversee your warehouse operations through an app, and Security + 2.0®, so you can open any door you need from registered devices. 

Choose the industrial door operator that meets your needs:

  • Gearhead Trolley Operator (GT)
  • Jackshaft Operator (J)
  • Hoist Operator (H)
  • Gearhead Hoist Operator (GH)
  • T-Style Trolley Operator (T)

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