Fire Doors & Operators from CornellCookson

Several hazards can come with owning a business, but one of the most dangerous is fire. In an instant, a fire can wipe out your inventory, not to mention put any employees who may be working at the time of the fire at risk. Fortunately for Twin Cities businesses, Crawford Door Sales can install a reliable CornellCookson fire door to help protect you.

What Are Fire Doors?

CornellCookson fire doors are special steel doors that are UL-listed for fire protection, meaning that they can block the passage of fire for an extended period. In the case of our CornellCookson fire doors, this means up to three hours of superior fire protection.

The Benefits of Fire Doors

The key to protecting your assets in the case of a fire is fast action. Fire doors are set up to come down fast at the first sign of a fire, blocking off the blaze and compartmentalizing it so that it stays confined in one location until the fire department can arrive.

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Counter Fire Doors

If your business involves dealing with customers over a counter, you will want something to protect the above counter opening in case of a fire. Our CornellCookson counter fire doors are available just for this purpose.

We will custom install your counter fire shutter so that it is a perfect fit for your counter opening, offering you advanced fire protection. Link it to your fire alarm control panel or smoke detectors, and you can rely on it to close fast when fire strikes, keeping your business safe.

We also offer SmokeShield™ smoke and draft control that conforms to UL1784 for superior smoke protection as well.

SmokeShield™ Elevator Smoke Curtains

If you own a larger building that includes elevators, you will want to consider installing SmokeShield smoke curtains for elevators. These amazing products stop the flow of smoke up an elevator shaft, preventing it from spreading to other floors. SmokeShield elevators, with proprietary GuideLock™ technology, generate a positive reseal after each cycle so smoke cannot escape.

We can customize these smoke curtains to be nearly invisible to the naked eye, mostly concealed, with exposed surfaces finished to match surrounding features. SmokeShield smoke curtains also allow you to bypass the IBC 3006 requirement for lobbies with elevators.

Why Order a Door From Crawford Door Sales?

If your business is in the Twin Cities area, you will want to choose Crawford Door Sales because of our well-earned reputation for reliable doors and operators. These are products that meet or exceed safety requirements while being secure and easy to use. You’ll also appreciate the skill of our installation technicians, who we carefully check to make sure they are fully trained, experienced and up for the job.

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If you’re ready to protect your business with a quality fire door or smoke curtain, it’s easy to get started. Contact us now for a quote, and we’ll send one of our experts to your business to take some measurements and deliver an accurate estimate. Before you know it, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a business fully prepared for any fire emergency. Get in touch today!

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