Hi-Speed from Hormann Flexon Line

Hi-Speed From Hörmann Flexon Line

At Crawford Door Sales, we sell the largest selection of commercial overhead doors in Minnesota's Twin Cities. Our inventory includes Hörmann Flexon doors, one of the world's top manufacturers for high-speed roll-up doors. Hörmann Flexon manufactures a full range of general-use and specialty overhead doors appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications. We sell the following commercial doors from their Hi-Speed line.

Speed-Commander™ Doors

Speed-Commander™ doors from Hörmann Flexon consist of thick foam fabric panels connected with aluminum profiles. The different models of the Speed-Commander™ that we sell include:

  • Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Clean-Master: Tight sealing and fast operating speeds for cleanroom operations
  • Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Cool-Master: Foam panel that insulates and minimizes condensation in cool environments
  • Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Food-Master: Stainless steel for easier cleaning and more sanitary operation in food processing
  • Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Interior Door Openings: Standard version of the Speed-Commander™ for universal interior use

Speed-Guardian™ Doors

Speed-Guardian™ doors from Hörmann Flexon feature rigid panels for interior or exterior use. We sell many entrants in this diverse series, such as these doors:

  • Speed-Guardian™ 4000 A Acoustic: Acoustic panels that deaden sound up to 31 DB guided in a circular track
  • Speed-Guardian™ 4000 H&V Acoustic: Hörmann Flexon acoustic panels guided in high-lift tracks
  • Speed-Guardian™ 5000 CV 42: Complete panel of vision slats created from C0 anodized aluminum
  • Speed-Guardian™ 5000 H 42: Solid 42cm-thick panels and windows guided in a high-lift track
  • Speed-Guardian™ 5000 H 67: Solid 67cm-thick panels and windows guided in a high-lift track
  • Speed-Guardian™ 5000 LH 42: Solid panels and windows guided on a space-saving, low-headroom track
  • Speed-Guardian™ 5000 LP 42: Windows and solid panels guided on a compact, low-profile track
  • Speed-Guardian™ 5000 U 42: Urethane-insulated sections for better thermal efficiency for energy savings
  • Speed-Guardian™ 5000 V 42: Speed-Guardian™ panels and windows guided on a vertical lift track for reduced wear

Speed-Master® Doors

Hörmann Flexon's Speed-Master® doors have puncture-resistant, reinforced PVC panels connected with aluminum hinge profiles for fast roll-up speeds. Our selection of Speed-Master® doors features these products:

  • Speed-Master® 1600 L: Guide tracks with removable PVC covers for easier upkeep and replacement
  • Speed-Master® 1600 L Eco: Has the same features of the Speed-Master® 1600 L plus extra energy savings
  • Speed-Master® 1600 XL: Size suitable for large openings available at the 1600 price range
  • Speed-Master® 2600 L: Ultra-strength Bulldog XT material panels for demanding industries in manufacturing, transit and distribution
  • Speed-Master® 4600 L: The toughness of the Speed-Master® 2600 L available in a size suitable for extra-large openings

Steel Ranger™ Doors

Our selection also includes the Steel Ranger™ 9000 L, a high-speed overhead door with exclusive Decotherm® steel panels. These slats consist of a polyurethane core and a triple-layered skin that features two layers of galvanized steel, one sheet steel layer and an attractive surface finish.

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