Sectional Design With 58 oz. Panel Material

The Eco's panel is constructed of 58 oz./sq. yd., anti-static, puncture resistant, nylon-reinforced PVC material, one full-width vision area made of clear PVC is standard, and heavy duty interlocking aluminum hinge profiles located above and below the vision area to provide panel stability.  The sectional panel design allows for easy replacement of materials if needed after a hit.  A variety of panel colors are available to accommodate any color scheme:  Pure Orange RAL 2004, Gentian Blue RAL 5010, Zinc Yellow RAL 1018, Carmine Red RAL 3002, Agate Gray RAL 7038, Pure White RAL 9010.

Built-In Light Grid and Removable Covers

The Speed-Master® 1600 L Eco is equipped with heavy duty 12 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel guide tracks and a standard built in light grid.  The front covers conveniently open for ease in re-setting the door when required.  Completely free of coil cords, the light grid provides a thorough wall of protection for personnel and equipment at the doorway, as compared to other doors that use only photocells.  The low-profile track dimensions of 7-1/4" wide x 4-1/2" projection enable the Eco to fit into areas with limited clearance.

Optional UPS Emergency Battery Pack

The Speed-Master® 1600 L Eco is only available with the HFCB 1-phase control box.  A special UPS emergency battery pack is optional and provides peace-of-mind in case of a power failure.  If power is lost to the door, the UPS emergency battery pack automatically opens the door once to allow personnel to quickly exit the area.  This low maintenance design is free of springs, counterbalance systems and other high maintenance parts that are typically required for emergency opening.  When the battery is low, an alarm sounds to signal time for replacement.  Replacing the battery is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. 

Application / Size Range

Interior or Exterior applications:

Up to 12’0" wide x 12’0" high. 


Patented, sectional design constructed of 58 oz. / sq. yd., reinforced, puncture resistant PVC panels connected with heavy duty aluminum hinge profiles.


Full-width vision area made of high quality PVC is standard. Consult factory for additional vision areas. 


Exterior applications:

Orange / Blue / Yellow / Red / Gray / White

Operating Speed


Up to 60" per second.


30" per second.

Guide Tracks


Heavy-duty, 12 gauge, galvanized steel with removable front covers.  Guide tracks are 7-1/4" wide x 4-1/2" deep with an 8'0" high light grid built in.


Stainless steel.

Direct-Drive Motor

Compact, self-monitoring direct-drive motor has a patented built-in safety brake and is maintenance free. 

Control Box


1-phase / 60 Hz / 230 volt, Smart Start™ NXT wiring but with a NEMA 3 rated control box.

Safety Devices


8'0" high light grid built into guide tracks.

Custom Panel Prints

Make an impression with our customized panel prints!  Logos, pictures and text may be digitally printed onto our door panels.  The images are durable, UV treated and waterproof.  The maximum image size is 7'0" wide x 3'0" high.