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Commercial Broken Spring Repair

Commercial garage doors throughout Twin Cities, MN, are getting a lot of use in order to successfully support your business’s operations. With heavy-duty use, regular strain and harsh work environments, it’s typical for crucial pieces of your garage door system to succumb to wear and tear, eventually breaking over time. Of commercial garage door repairs, damaged or worn torsion springs are among the most common. Broken torsion springs can prevent manual or automatic use of your garage door and be incredibly dangerous if not repaired or replaced immediately.

If you suspect your commercial door’s torsion spring is broken, reach out to the trained, helpful technicians at Crawford Door Sales to perform a full door inspection and determine whether a spring repair or replacement is most suitable for your system. We understand how a damaged commercial garage door can really disrupt your daily operations, minimize profitability and pose an employee safety risk. That’s why we provide St. Paul and Minneapolis area business owners with responsive same day and emergency 24-hour repair options.

Signs Your Commercial Garage Door Spring Is Broken

The torsion spring helps counterbalance the hefty weight of your commercial door, allowing the operator to smoothly and steadily raise and lower the door. When torsion springs break, they can often make a loud noise and afterward show signs of damage like visible gaping. After the torsion spring breaks, you’ll also find the door is incredibly difficult or impossible to open manually and see noticeable changes in the performance of your garage door, like irregular or jerky movement, incredibly fast closing speeds or an off-balance door.

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Your Garage Door Spring Is Damaged — Can You Quickly Restore Operations on Your Own?

While it may be tempting to stay on a work schedule by quickly making repairs yourself, it’s best to avoid using your garage door or attempting to perform spring repairs or replacements. Commercial garage doors are incredibly heavy, and due to the immense strain and weight the tension spring is under, fixing broken springs is one of the riskiest garage door repair projects.

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At Crawford Door Sales, we offer prompt, dependable and efficient commercial broken spring repair services. We have more than 60 years of garage door experience throughout Twin Cities, MN, as well as the training and tools necessary to fully inspect your commercial garage door system and determine whether torsion spring repair or replacement is the most appropriate lasting solution for better safety, reliability and performance. To schedule commercial garage door spring repair, complete our online scheduling form or call us today at 651-455-1221.

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