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An industrial building has many openings inside and outside that need to be protected. Rolling steel doors offer the best protection against the harmful effects of weather, theft and fires. Choose Crawford Door Sales for your rolling service door product. With a variety of materials, sizes, retraction techniques and more, you are sure to find a rolling door that meets your needs.

What Is a Rolling Steel Door?

Rolling steel doors are made of hinged horizontal slats so the door can roll up above the door frame. This feature makes it easy to install in a variety of spaces. This type of door works for:

  • Kitchens
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping malls
  • Cafeterias
  • Gymnasiums

The Benefits of a Rolling Door

A rolling door provides protection wherever you install it. If the door faces the outside, it can protect against the wind, rain and other adverse weather conditions. This prevents debris and water from getting into the room and ruining your merchandise. The security of the door also deters theft.

Some rolling doors protect rooms and their occupants from flames and smoke from a fire. The door will withstand the heat of the fire for a specific amount of time, allowing people to safely exit the building and products to stay away from the flames.

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Rolling Service Door Product From Crawford Door Sales

At Crawford Door Sales, we have many rolling door options to choose from. Choose the option that best fits your needs:

Rolling Fire Door

The rolling fire door helps contain a fire to keep the flames from spreading throughout the building. You can set the door to close automatically at a signal or link it to local smoke detectors. After resetting the alarm, the door easily opens again so you can return to work. Customize your rolling fire door to ensure a snug fit in your doorframe. Pair the rolling fire door with a SmokeShield for complete protection against smoke.

Rolling Service Door

The rolling service door is designed with service entrances in mind. Made of steel or aluminum, it protects openings in industrial buildings from various kinds of damage. You can customize this door's style and size to fit your particular needs.

StormDefender Safe Room Door

As the name suggests, this style of door protects against storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes. It's unique in that the door retracts above the finished ceiling, so you'll forget it's even there. Use it to cover openings and windows alike to safeguard against the debris of a storm.

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