Door Closing & Opening Issues

Residential Opening & Closing Issues

Garage doors are an essential fixture for most St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN, homeowners, and some have even reclassified the garage door as the primary entrance to the house. When your garage door is malfunctioning, it’s incredibly inconvenient. How are you supposed to effectively use your vehicle and keep it properly stored? A garage door that won’t open entirely or close completely should be addressed by a trained local professional right away to prevent personal injury, additional property and door damages and security risks. At Crawford Door Sales, we offer emergency 24-hour and same day repair services to address residential garage door opening and closing issues.

Crawford Door Sales has more than six decades of local experience throughout the Twin Cities, MN, area with the experience and skillset to inspect and repair any garage door or opener make or model. No matter what type of issue you’re experiencing, our team is excited to work with you to find effective, quality solutions that meet your daily needs, long-term expectations and budget.

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Common Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

With regular daily use, exposure to damaging elements and irregular door maintenance, it’s normal for local homeowners to experience garage door malfunctions and damages that can affect the overall performance of your garage door. Some of the most common reasons your garage door might not be opening or closing properly include:

  • Remote batteries are dead or it’s out of range
  • Photo-eye sensors are out of alignment
  • Garage door sensors need replaced
  • Broken or damaged garage door springs
  • Garage door opener settings aren’t programmed correctly
  • Misaligned or damaged door track

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Quality, Responsive Service From Crawford Door Sales

Garage door services and repair needs never happen according to a schedule — that’s why you need helpful and responsive garage door experts who understand how urgent your needs are and can act fast to restore the condition and safety of your garage door or opener.

Our team of trained and experienced repair technicians can handle any type of garage door repair request, large or small, with fully loaded trucks equipped to address any residential garage door opening or closing issues. All our garage door repairs are completed using the highest quality replacement parts and effective techniques to ensure long-term door value, safety and performance. If the door can not be repaired we offer a collection of residential garage doors. When your garage door won’t open from the outside or close, don’t hesitate to reach out to Crawford Door Sales for exceptional garage door repair services throughout the Twin Cities area.

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Contact the professionals at Crawford Door Sales any time when your garage door won’t properly open or close. You’ll always receive honest services, highly skilled professionals and the most personalized garage door solutions throughout Twin Cities, MN, and its surrounding communities. For the convenience of our customers, we offer same-day services, as well as 24-hour emergency response and part and workmanship warranties.

To schedule residential garage door repair services, call us today at 651-455-1221 to speak to a team member or fill out our online request form.

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