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Counter shutters are more than a concession stand door. Installing counter doors safeguards the room against elements that may damage your equipment or harm your employees. For the best in heavy-duty protection, choose Crawford Door Sales. Our durable counter doors are designed to protect your business for the long haul and can get customized to fit your space.

What Is a Counter Door?

A counter door is a protective door made from steel or aluminum. The door rolls down to cover an opening and sits on the countertop. Its sleek design does not require much headroom, making it an ideal solution for even the smallest opening. These often cover service openings in places such as:

  • Cafeterias
  • Public spaces
  • Arenas
  • Stadiums
  • Healthcare offices
  • Educational facilities

Benefits of Counter Doors

Counter shutters are a beneficial solution for both security and protection. If the opening faces the outside, the door keeps rain, snow and debris from coming in, so the space stays tidy. The door also prevents theft by covering the large opening to the room. Particular counter doors protect against the damaging effects of a fire to save property and lives.

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Counter Door Products From Crawford Door Sales

Crawford Door Sales has custom solutions for your counter shutter needs. We offer custom sizing options to ensure your counter door fits your space. Select from a variety of finishes and materials for an aesthetically pleasing look. 

Counter Fire Door

The counter fire door helps protect against the damage of fire and smoke. With our AlarmGard fire system, the fire door becomes an essential part of your fire protection system. Pair AlarmGard with your building's fire alarm system or local smoke detectors. In the event of a fire, the operator will automatically close the door to contain the fire. 

The door features steel and is designed to meet code. The counter fire door is UL labeled for up to three hours, assuring the best protection for your business. Choose to add a SmokeShield to your counter shutters for another layer of protection.

Rolling Counter Door Shutter

This door has interlocking slats that coil up for minimal storage space. This design has no exposed edges with compact guides, slats, brackets and hoods. These sturdy doors are made of the finest material to protect your space for a long time. Our standard size for the rolling counter door shutter is 21 feet wide and 10 feet high, which can be customized to fit your unique specifications.

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