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Residential Broken Cable Repair

A broken garage door cable is one of the most obvious recognizable garage door breakages, typically marked by an uneven, crooked garage door. Garage door cables are one of the most crucial parts of your garage door system. Working alongside the torsion or extension springs, they help counterbalance the door’s weight, facilitating smooth, efficient movement.

When a cable is frayed or broken, it can no longer open and close the door safely. Worst case scenarios, the broken cables will cause the door to bind in its tracks while it’s operational, making it completely immovable.

How to Recognize Broken, Damaged Cables

Garage door cables are attached to the corners at the base of the garage door and travel across an intricate pulley system whenever the door is raised or lowered. The most common cause of broken cables is corrosion and fraying from daily use or irregular garage door maintenance. Cables are also known to snap if the pulley is damaged, the door is off-balance or there’s a defective garage door bearing.

Besides a garage door that’s unevenly dangling in its track, you can determine if your garage door cables are damaged or broken by checking:

  • If the cables appear loose around their drum
  • Whether the garage door is able to close entirely on both sides, laying flush and level against the garage floor
  • If the garage door is shaky or jerky while opening or closing

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Why to Hire a Garage Door Repair Specialist

When your garage door shows obvious signs of a broken or frayed garage door cable, it may be tempting to try opening the door to get your car out, but try to avoid using it to prevent additional damage to the door or its hardware. Call your local experts at Crawford Door Sales to inspect your garage door system, diagnose the cause of your broken cables and perform cable repair or replacement services.

Always trust a professional to replace the cables on your automatic garage door in order to:

  • Avoid personal injury
  • Prevent additional garage door damage
  • Save time and money
  • Enjoy added peace of mind that repairs were performed correctly and safely

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Damaged or broken garage door cables can be an inconvenient hassle, but also hazardous — when you rely on the trained and helpful local repair specialists at Crawford Door Sales, you’re assured dependable, affordable and safe broken cable repair services. All our cable replacements are completed using the highest quality parts available for lasting reliability, safety and performance. For added peace of mind, our parts and labor are backed by a 90-day warranty.

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