Residential Garage Door Track Repair

Is your garage door stuck? Garage door tracks are an often-overlooked reason garage doors may not function correctly. A tell-tale sign of garage door track complications is when your door refuses to open or close, either with the operator or manually. Our experts will quickly troubleshoot and diagnose the problem to fix your misbehaving garage door.

Learn more about the common symptoms and causes of malfunctioning garage door tracks from our trusted repair technicians at Crawford Door Sales.

Signs You May Have a Garage Door Track Problem

Many variables affect your garage door’s operation. One of the most common indicators of a track complication is strange clicking or scraping noises when the door attempts to open or close. Since your garage door tracks are attached to the ceiling of your garage, a loose screw in the ceiling mount hardware may cause the tracks to shift and become lopsided, causing an unequal distribution of weight that prevents the door from opening or closing. 

Other classic symptoms that your tracks are the culprit of your garage door issue include:

  • Dented/bent tracks from an impact.
  • Derailed or cracked rollers.
  • A noticeable build-up of dirt and rust within the tracks.
  • Outdated/broken components, including drums, springs and cables.
  • Poorly lubricated rollers.
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Count On Us for Your Twin City Garage Door Track Services

You have so many variables to consider when looking for the root of your garage door’s problem. One issue often leads to another, so it can be challenging to determine the proper repair approach. Don’t resort to guesswork when our experts are just a phone call away! 

At Crawford Door Sales, we offer prompt, effective track repair services for residential homeowners in the Twin Cities. We’ll arrive on the scene with all the high-quality tools and parts necessary for a quick repair to restore your garage door to its former glory. We repair cables, rollers, operators and mounting for garage door tracks. 

Our knowledgeable technicians have experience with all makes and models of garage doors, so whatever the complication, we’re on standby to help you fix it. At Crawford Door Sales, we stand behind our quality workmanship. All of our repair services come with a 90-day part and labor warranty. You can trust our professionals to:

  • Troubleshoot and pinpoint the exact cause of the dilemma.
  • Keep you from injuring yourself or loved ones.
  • Save you time, money and labor.
  • Provide peace of mind with timely and correct repair services. 

Contact Crawford Door Sales of the Twin Cities, Your Expert Local Team

We know how inconvenient it is when your garage door won’t open or close. Whenever you’re experiencing trouble with your garage door, turn to Crawford Door Sales for fast, reliable and expert garage door track services. We’ve been the trusted, go-to all-in-one garage door services company for residents in the Twin Cities for more than 50 years! Our helpful technicians will troubleshoot and diagnose complications to get you back on track.

Schedule your garage door track repair in the Twin Cities, MN, by calling 651-455-1221 or filling out our contact form today! 

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