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Commercial Preventative Maintenance Program

Commercial garage doors are responsible for managing a lot of your site’s heavy lifting and keeping your business running efficiently and productively. When your commercial garage door system breaks, it can cause your production to grind to a halt and even put employees at greater risk for injuries. With commercial overhead doors being a vital component of your business’ success, it’s crucial to keep your garage door system in pristine condition — the best way to ensure the quality of your commercial door is by scheduling routine maintenance services.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re the leading local Twin Cities, MN, area provider of commercial overhead preventative maintenance services. We’re a full-service commercial garage door repair and maintenance company that performs comprehensive services for a range of different commercial door products. Don’t let a slow or damaged commercial overhead door slow down your business. Reach out to Crawford Door Sales today for the most helpful, complete preventative maintenance plans.

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Comprehensive Overhead Garage Door Preventative Maintenance Throughout the Twin Cities Area

In order to maintain a safe and streamlined work environment, it’s important to keep your commercial overhead garage door regularly maintained, because even the highest-quality, most durable commercial doors will break down or need maintenance services. With commercial garage door preventative maintenance services completed every 5,000 door cycles, technicians will be able to identify potential repairs before they become problems later on and complete any repairs to avoid future inconveniences.

At Crawford Door Sales, we provide the best garage door maintenance plans for businesses throughout St. Paul and beyond. Our highly trained technicians understand the best routine maintenance practices to help keep your door operating smoothly and dependably throughout its lifespan. During routine commercial door services, our team will perform the following:

  • Visual inspections: Our team will closely look over all of the crucial components of your commercial garage door systems — including the cables, springs, rollers and pulleys — for signs of damage like frays, excessive wear and corrosion. As needed, they’ll tighten any loose fasteners.
  • Lubrication: To prevent corrosion and hardware damage, we’ll also properly lubricate all moving parts, like the rollers and springs.
  • Operational inspections: Once every year, our maintenance technicians will also take a closer look at your commercial overhead door’s operations, checking the operator functionality and safety mechanisms, door balance and switch settings.

Reasons to Schedule Annual Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Scheduling routine preventative commercial door maintenance services means having to postpone daily production on a regular basis — so why should local Minnesota businesses have maintenance services performed by a professional? Having your commercial overhead door thoroughly inspected will prolong the lifespan of your garage door system, preventing excessive wear and premature door replacement, as well as:

  • Reducing repair instances and expenses
  • Minimizing downtime and maximize productivity
  • Preventing worksite injuries

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When you choose Crawford Door Sales for all your Twin Cities, MN, commercial garage door repair and maintenance needs, you’ll always receive helpful, quality workmanship, honest services and personalized solutions to meet your exact needs. Call us today at 651-455-1221 to schedule commercial overhead door preventative maintenance services, or fill out our online contact form to request a free service estimate.

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