How to Open a Garage Door When the Power Is Out

How to Open a Garage Door When the Power Is Out

How to Open a Garage Door When the Power Is Out

Automatic garage doors offer a significant advantage — when bad weather strikes, you can avoid the outdoors and move your vehicle inside with the click of a button. 

Knowing how to operate your garage door manually can help you stay comfortable, safe and secure during any emergency. The next time you have a power outage, follow these steps:

1. Inspect the Door

To work manually, your garage needs to be in good condition. Look at the door and its components — do you notice any loose springs or damages? If so, contact your local experts for repairs instead of manually operating the door.

2. Release the Trigger

Before moving forward with the next step, you must ensure the door is in the down position. Attempting to release a trigger while the door is in the open position can result in bodily harm or property damage. 

Look for an emergency release cord near the front of your closed door. The cord is usually red with a T-shaped handle and hangs from your door’s track. Slowly release the trigger to disconnect the trolley from the carriage. 

3. Manually Raise the Door

Use the internal handle to lift the door. You can use pressure to push the bottom edge of your door up and guide it into place as needed. 

You may have a broken spring if you can’t move the door. In this case, you will need repair services. 

4. Lower Your Door for Security

After you enter or exit your garage, you should lower the door. Engage the manual lock to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your property. 

5. Reconnect the Opener

You will need to unlock the manual lock when your power returns. Then reattach your door to the opener using either of these methods: 

  • Adjust the trigger: Grab the rope and pull it toward the door until you hear a click. Visually confirm it’s locked back in before you run the opener through a complete cycle, all the way up and down.
  • Engage the garage door opener: Hit the electric garage door opener’s switch to push the springs back into place. Reconnect the carriage and trolley to electrically open and close your door again. 

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