How to Disable a Garage Door Remote if It’s Lost or Stolen

How to Disable a Garage Door Remote if It’s Lost or Stolen

Your garage is an extension of your home that serves an essential purpose. Having a garage door opener with a remote makes leaving and entering your home quick and easy. However, the remote can get lost or stolen due to different circumstances, causing trouble for you.

Before you worry about who has access to your home, there are many ways to secure your house quickly after your remote is lost or stolen. You can follow these steps and take preventative measures to ensure your garage, home and family remain safe.

How to Deactivate Your Garage Door Opener

If you notice that you’re missing one of your garage door remotes and can’t find it anywhere, the first step you should take is to figure out how to deactivate that garage door opener. Garage door remotes operate by emitting a signal that connects to the garage door motor in your garage through a code. You will want to reset the code to erase the memory of the lost remote from your garage door opener.

You can disable the garage door opener by pressing the Smart Button on your motor for several seconds to void all the remotes connected to your home. It’s vital to deprogram your garage door opener and disconnect all programmed devices. Some remotes store the access code in a battery, so you need to reprogram the entire garage door opener system to reset the code completely. That way, no one can access your garage even if they have the remote.

Program Your New Remote

After disabling your garage door opener and removing the memory of the lost remote, your next step is to reprogram your garage door opener with a new control. You can reprogram your opener by following the instructions in the owner’s manual that came with your system. 

If you only had one remote, you can buy a replacement from your unit’s manufacturer. If your garage door opener operates using a wireless system, chances are you can connect your phone to your garage door opener through an app.

Preventative Measures to Avoid Garage Door Remote Theft

Losing your garage door remote is often a frustrating mistake. You can follow several preventative measures to prevent it from happening or to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to prevent someone from stealing your garage door remote:

  • Deactivate the old system: When you move into a new house that already has a garage door opener, make sure to deactivate the old system instead rather than using it. When you reset the system or install a new garage door opener, you ensure the previous homeowners have no access to your home.
  • Keep the remote hidden: If you keep your remote in your car, it’s a good idea to keep it hidden in a safer place or out of sight, like a glove compartment. Keeping the remote out of sight prevents anyone looking to steal a remote from targeting you.

Keep Your Garage Door Opener Remote Safe

After losing your garage door opener remote, you want to keep your Twin Cities home and garage safe and sound. If you need help deactivating your garage door and reprogramming it, Crawford Door Sales can help. You can trust us for reliable garage door opener servicesCall Crawford Door Sales to set up a service appointment today!