Are Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers Safe?

Are Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers Safe?

Are Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers Safe?

Using a garage door opener that connects to Wi-Fi aids in enhancing your home’s overall accessibility. Whether you’ve recently upgraded to a smart garage door or want to improve a model you’ve had for years, installing a Wi-Fi-connected garage door opener is a great way to get more from your door.

Features of Wi-Fi-Connected Garage Door Openers

Installing a Wi-Fi-connected garage door opener offers the following benefits for you and your home:

  • Receive alerts: Our garage door openers connect to the myQ® app and provide push notifications for openings, closings and hazards.
  • Give guests access: Through the myQ® app, you can give up to three people access to your opener.
  • Use your phone as your opener: Control your garage door from anywhere with the myQ® app.

What is a Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener?

Wi-Fi-connected garage door openers are some of the safest smart devices available. Similarly to other smart devices, these openers use advanced encryption to protect your privacy during data transmission.

While the odds of someone hacking a Wi-Fi-connected door opener are relatively low, you can enhance your garage door’s security by completing the following steps:

  • Ensure your software is up to date: Device manufacturers frequently test their software for vulnerabilities. One of the best ways to take advantage of these tests is to update your opener as new software versions become available.
  • Enhance your Wi-Fi network security: Improve network security by creating a strong Wi-Fi password and using a virtual private network (VPN).
  • Secure your garage: Deter burglars and hackers with simple physical changes, like covering windows and upgrading lighting.

Top 10 Benefits of Wi-Fi-Connected Garage Door Openers

Wi-Fi-enabled garage door openers are an excellent home automation solution and provide advantages such as:

  1. Enter and exit without buttons: The GPS in the myQ® app will alert the door opener of your location and cause it to open as you approach the driveway.
  2. Schedule openings and closings: With a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener, you can pre-schedule when the door opens and closes.
  3. Ensure you close your door: Receive alerts if you leave the garage door open, and check on your property throughout the day.
  4. Interact with any guests: If you connect a camera and microphone, you can see and speak with guests, delivery people and anyone else who may be entering and exiting your house.
  5. Limit access to your garage: Authorize which guests can access your home for greater security.
  6. Receive temperature alerts: Our Wi-Fi-connected garage door openers feature temperature-monitoring sensors that tell you if your garage reaches unsafe temperature levels so you can protect equipment or other sensitive items.
  7. Get protection and comfort in the rain and snow: With the myQ® app, you can open the garage door from your car or home with the smart opener to stay warm and dry during opening and closing.
  8. Park your car perfectly: Many Wi-Fi-connected garage door openers feature complimentary laser guiding systems that show you where to park for a perfect fit.
  9. Detect hazardous chemicals: If chemicals such as carbon monoxide and smoke reach unsafe levels, the myQ® app will send you a notification so you can quickly address the issue.
  10. Keep your property secure: Since a Wi-Fi-connected opener sends you an alert whenever the door opens, you can use it as a tool in your home security systems.

Are There Any Disadvantages of a Wi-Fi-Connected Garage Door Opener?

While Wi-Fi-connected garage door openers can be more costly and take longer to install than their traditional counterparts, they are an excellent addition to any home. Like most remote-operated garage door openers, Wi-Fi openers have battery backups so you can continue to operate your garage door in the event of a power outage and other emergencies.

How They Fit Into Your Smart Home Plans

A smart home is a convenient home setup where you can remotely control all appliances and devices through an internet connection using a mobile or networked device. By installing a Wi-Fi-connected garage door opener, you have another device on your network you can easily manage from anywhere for greater convenience.

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