Why You Should Use a Wi-Fi-Connected Garage Door Opener

Why Use a Wifi Opener

A Wi-Fi-connected garage door opener enhances the security and accessibility features of your house. Whether you’ve recently updated the garage door or you’ve had the same one for years, a myQ Wi-Fi garage door opener is all you need to turn your property into a smart home. Use this guide to learn about the characteristics and benefits of a Wi-Fi garage door opener.

Wi-Fi-Connected Garage Door Opener Features

Connecting your garage door to your mobile device is easy with the MyQ app and a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener. Here are five smart features that will come standard with your new garage door opener.

1. Get Real-Time Alert Notifications

Through the myQ app, you will receive push notifications on your mobile device when your garage door opens or closes. Along with accessibility messages, you could also enable security alerts for carbon monoxide or temperature changes to be aware of emergencies when you’re not home.

2. Access Your Garage From Your Phone

You can control your garage door from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. Whether you need to open the door to let in guests or close the door after rushing out of the house, you have a built-in remote with the myQ app on your phone.

3. Receive Packages Securely

Amazon Prime members who live in select cities and surrounding areas are eligible for Key by Amazon in-garage delivery. You can link your myQ account in the Key app to your garage door opener. Instead of leaving your package on the doorstep, the delivery person will bring it inside the garage.

4. Set Up Daily Schedules

Create a schedule for the garage door to close or for the lights to turn on. If you’re expecting housekeepers or repair people, or you need to let your kids in after school, the schedule feature is efficient for managing who comes in and out of your house.

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5. Invite Guests to Have Access

With the myQ app, you can securely invite up to three people to have access to your garage door opener from their myQ account. If you have older kids who are responsible enough to work the garage or you have parents who visit often, you can permit them to control the garage door for easy access into the house.

10 Benefits of WiFi connected garage door openers

10 Benefits of Wi-Fi-Connected Garage Door Openers

Wi-Fi-enabled garage door openers provide your home with accessibility and safety throughout the day. Since you can manage your garage door opener from your phone, you have access to your garage anywhere and anytime. Check out these benefits of a new Wi-Fi garage door opener.

1. Consistently Secure Your Property

The garage is an entry point into the central area of your house. An app-based garage door opener sends you a push notification every time your door opens without your authorization. Your smart garage door opener can watch over your living space all day and night.

2. Detect Harmful Chemicals in Your Garage

Carbon monoxide and smoke can be dangerous to the air quality of your home. If these fumes reach unsafe levels in your garage, the MyQ app will send you a notification so you can address the issue from anywhere in the world.

3. Fit Your Car Into the Garage

A Wi-Fi garage door opener comes with a complimentary laser guiding system that automatically turns on when you drive into your property. The lasers show you where you should park the car for a perfect fit.

4. Protection and Comfort in the Rain and Snow

In the snow or rain, you would fumble looking for the remote or open the cold door with your sensitive fingers. With the myQ app installed on your phone, you have a reliable garage door opener that provides access to the house from your car.

5. Receive Temperature Alerts

Since the garage is typically not insulated, it can overheat or freeze in harsh weather conditions. An app-based garage door opener comes with temperature monitoring sensors. It can tell you if this area of your home is an unsafe temperature so you can protect temperature-sensitive equipment or food.

6. Access the Garage Door No Matter Where You Are

While you’re running around taking care of errands, you can easily let guests or family members into the house. If your kids come home early from school or you want the delivery person to leave your package in the garage, you can grant them access. You could also use this feature to authorize guests to enter as well as keep thieves out of the house. 

7. Interact With Guests

Your MyQ Wi-Fi garage door opener can be a second set of eyes and ears for when you’re not home. If you have a camera, microphone and speaker option, you can see your guests and talk with them from your phone. With this feature, you can leave instructions for delivery people and those who need extra help entering the house.

8. Be Assured That the Garage Door Is Closed

When you’re driving around, you might wonder whether or not you remembered to close the garage door. A myQ Wi-Fi garage door opener allows you to check your property at any time to see if the door is open or closed. The app can also alert you directly if you accidentally leave the door open after you’ve left the house.

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9. Keep Track of Your Busy Schedule

If multiple people enter and exit your house throughout the day, you can easily let them in with a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener. You could also pre-schedule events so the garage door will open or close at the same time you need it.

10. Enter and Exit Your House in Style

With a Wi-Fi garage door opener, you can open the entryway to your living space without any buttons. The GPS can send a message to MyQ, alerting your garage door opener of where you are, so the door will automatically open as you approach the driveway.

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