How to Secure Your Garage Before Going on Vacation

How to Secure Your Garage Before Going on Vacation

If you’re looking forward to some well-deserved rest and relaxation on your next vacation, increase your peace of mind by taking the time to protect your garage and reduce the chance of a break-in while you’re away. A few preventive steps before vacation can help you avoid stress when you return.

Keep your garage and the rest of your home safe from burglars and theft by adding garage security to your pre-vacation checklist. Here’s what you can do to protect your garage before you leave. 

1. Turn on the Vacation Lock Feature

If you have a newer garage door opener, it may be equipped with a vacation lock feature. If that’s the case, activate the feature right before you leave. Once turned on, the vacation lock prevents radio signals from opening the door until you deactivate the feature. 

2. Unplug the Garage Door Opener 

Older garage door openers may not have a vacation feature. If that’s the case with yours, unplug the opener before you leave. When there’s no power to the garage door opener, no one will be able to open it with a code or remote control. 

3. Install an Additional Lock

You can also protect your property and belongings by adding another lock to your garage door. You can use the additional lock along with or instead of using vacation mode or unplugging the automatic garage door opener. 

The extra lock attaches to the door from the inside and physically prevents someone from forcing the door open. Think of it as a heavy-duty deadbolt for your garage door. 

4. Protect the Windows

If there are windows in your garage, burglars can gain entry through them. Secure the windows by installing bars on the exterior. If you don’t like the look of security bars, another option is to place window film on the interior glass. The film will make it more difficult for a burglar to shatter the glass and gain entry.

Also, consider installing blinds or curtains on the windows, so people can’t peek inside your garage while you’re away from home.

5. Install Motion-Activated Lights

Prevent aspiring burglars from accessing your belongings by installing motion-sensing exterior lights. The lights will turn on automatically whenever they detect movement, deterring would-be thieves.

6. Keep Your Vacation Under Wraps

Prevent your home from being a target for burglars by not advertising that you’re away. You can accomplish this goal by asking the post office to hold your mail and pausing newspaper or other regular deliveries. You can also connect a few interior lights to timers so that they switch on and off at night. 

If you use social media, wait until you’ve returned home to share pictures and details about your time away. 

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