How to Choose the Right Size Garage Door

How to Choose the Right Size Garage Door

When it comes time to purchase or replace a garage door, several critical measurements ensure you’ll get the best possible door for your home, including the overall width and height. Knowing the specs of your garage and the measurements of the vehicles you’ll park inside are essential for maximizing both efficiency and convenience. 

Since a new high-quality garage door will ideally last many years, you’ll want to make all the right choices the first time.

Which Garage Door Size Is Right for You?

Most standard garage doors are 7 feet tall. Larger sizes are available for property owners needing overhead clearance, such as bigger trucks or SUVs with transport or storage racks on top.

If you’re considering increasing the overall height of the opening, you’ll want to ensure you have enough headroom between the opening and the garage’s ceiling to provide space for the garage door’s track.

Average Garage Door Widths and Height Options Learn More About Our Garage Door Services

Average Garage Door Widths and Height Options

Industry standards for size allow dealers to keep an inventory of doors on hand. Most contemporary homes have openings that fit traditional 7-foot doors, although designs with increased heights are gaining popularity. Some of the most common measurements include:

  • One-car garage door size: Standard single-car garage doors range from 8 to 9 feet wide by 7 to 8 feet high. These doors work well for one small car without any need for extra space. 
  • Double-car garage door size: A door featuring one opening for two cars typically measures 16 feet wide by 7 to 8 feet high.
  • Multiple Garage doors: Some garages have two or more doors on either side with a vertical beam in the center separating them. While it might be aesthetically pleasing, the post in the middle of the opening may be inconvenient. We do not advise or work on the removal of such posts but can direct you to someone who could do that scope of work. 
  • Garage door height for a truck: If you want to park an oversize truck or a taller recreational vehicle inside your garage, you may need to increase the height of your door to 8 to 10 feet and opt for a non-stock size option. However, it’s vital to remember the headroom needed for the tracks. A knowledgeable dealer can help you determine the best measurements in these circumstances.

Most garage door sections or panels come in 18-, 21- and 24-inch sizes that can combine to various widths and heights.

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