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Garage doors are one of those household fixtures homeowners expect to perform reliably and efficiency for decades — residential garage door systems are responsible for safe, convenient home access, and unexpected breakages can be a costly and time-consuming hassle. Unfortunately, parts of your garage door will wear down and break over time, and one of the most common parts to become damaged is the spring system.

Under constant tension and immense weight, the Torquemaster spring system by Wayne Dalton can break at any moment, leaving you and/or your vehicle trapped inside the garage. When the spring breaks, it may make a loud sound and be visibly damaged. Another sign the spring is broken is if the door is only able to open about two inches before slamming closed, or if the door is too heavy to open manually.

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A Team of Local, Knowledgeable Broken Torquemaster Spring Repair Specialists

Replacing a broken Torquemaster spring can be complicated and incredibly dangerous for inexperienced homeowners. Due to the risk involved with proper Torquemaster spring replacement, it’s best to reach out to the trained experts at Crawford Door Sales — our team has the tools and training necessary to perform efficient and safe replacement services. We have the resources to perform same-day Torquemaster replacement services and can even provide emergency 24-hour attention.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Experts Serving St. Paul and Minneapolis Homeowners

When you have a broken or damaged Torquemaster garage door spring, you need to find helpful and reliable garage door services to ensure it is replaced properly. At Crawford Door Sales, we’re dedicated to always offering quality workmanship and focused customer services. With our prompt responses and personalized garage door solutions, we’ve been the most trusted garage door repair companies throughout Twin Cities, MN, for more than 60 years.

If you have a broken Torquemaster garage door spring, trust that Crawford Door Sales can help. Fill out our online scheduling form to request an appointment or call us at 651-455-1221 to learn more.

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