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Extension springs on your garage door are the thin springs close to the horizontal tracks. These long springs stretch when the garage door is opened or closed. They see a lot of wear and tear, and sometimes they can snap.

There are a few different kinds of extension springs. Open-looped extension springs have an open wire. If the wire breaks, the whole spring needs to be replaced. Double-looped extension springs have two coils at the end. The strongest option, clipped-end extension springs, are typically used on heavier or oversized garage doors. 

Garage doors are incredibly heavy fixtures, and while most homeowners may believe the opener raises and lowers the door, it’s actually only possible to move the garage door with help from the extension spring system installed at either side of the door. With regular daily use, even the sturdiest extension springs can wear down over time and finally snap. When this event finally happens, you’ll discover it’s nearly impossible to use your garage door.

Broken extension spring repair involves exposing cables and spring wire, which can be dangerous. The team at Crawford Door Sales knows how to quickly and effectively replace extension springs while keeping you and your garage door safe from further damage. 

Crawford Door Sales offers fast and dependable garage door spring replacement services. Our team has the necessary training and experience necessary to inspect your entire garage door system and determine whether garage door extension spring repair or replacement is the best solution to ensure long-term safe, reliable and smooth garage door performance.

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At Crawford Door Sales, we understand the important role your garage door plays in your daily activity. Once one or both of your garage door’s extension springs breaks or becomes damaged, it may be tempting to take a trip to your local hardware store to pick up replacement parts. However, given how dangerous extension springs are to handle, it’s best to call a professional.

Crawford Door Sales offers the best garage door extension spring repair and replacement services throughout St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN. We can recommend the highest quality replacement parts for durable, dependable long-term performance.

Extension springs need to be the right size to operate effectively. If you attempt garage extension spring repair yourself, choosing the wrong type or size of spring can make your garage door unstable.

When a spring snaps, the weight of the door may make it difficult to manually open. The garage door may become unbalanced, too. If a spring has snapped or you’re not sure whether there’s a spring issue but you notice your garage door is suddenly very difficult to open and close manually, we strongly urge you to avoid using your garage door and to call us right away.

Continuing to use the garage door with a broken extension spring can cause additional damage that may require more expensive repairs. It can even invalidate your warranty. Trying to use or repair the garage door yourself can also be dangerous. Call Crawford Door Sales instead. We have the tools and expertise to take care of garage door extension spring repair safely and quickly. 


Our team will inspect your extension springs and offer an estimate so you know exactly what to expect in terms of pricing. On the day of your appointment, we’ll replace the springs and test the functions before we leave to ensure your garage door is safe and ready to use. 

Crawford Door Sales has served homeowners throughout Twin Cities, MN, since 1958 with an ongoing dedication to offering the most reliable, helpful garage door repair services and exceptional customer experiences. To ensure we offer the best broken extension spring repair services throughout Minnesota, we offer same-day and emergency repair services and labor and part warranties.

Crawford Door Sales is the right company to call if your garage door springs have snapped. All our field technicians are employees, not subcontractors. They’ll come to your home with all the equipment they need to repair your springs, and they’ll stay as long as needed to get the job done right.

To learn more about our garage door extension spring repair services, call us today at 651-455-1221 or complete our online contact form to schedule services.

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