Residential Garage Door Services in St. Paul, MN

Garage Door Spring Repair in St Paul, MN

Your garage door always lifts itself out of the way so the morning sunlight can greet you on your way down the driveway-until today. When you pushed the button earlier today, you heard the opener struggle with the door's weight before it gave up, and you knew you would arrive a little late to work.

Luckily, with a call to Crawford Door Sales, you do not have to get there too late. In addition to new door installations, we also offer residential garage door repair to St. Paul, MN residents. We ensure your door functions in no time, even if we have to rip out the old model and replace it with a new one.

Browse Your Garage Door Service Options

Whether you experience problems with springs or a garage door cable in St. Paul, MN, our capable team can remedy the problem. We have served the area since 1958, and we have seen all kinds of door problems. Count on Crawford Door Sales to conquer even the most stubborn garage doors.

We also carry a large selection of high-quality overhead garage doors should you require a new installation. Your options include:

  • Custom Wood: Our craftspeople tailor these doors to fit your home's architecture.
  • Molded Fiberglass: When you want wood without the high cost of maintenance, opt for fiberglass. Fiberglass also weathers the Midwestern climate better than most options on this list.
  • Insulated Steel: If you need something affordable and durable, choose steel. This option's insulation will protect everything inside your garage during extreme weather.
  • Steel with Vinyl Overlay: Vinyl makes steel easier to maintain and still lends your home an elegant, clean aesthetic.

No matter which option you choose, you can trust your new door to function admirably for years to come.

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Whether you need a new door or garage door spring repair in St. Paul, MN, call Crawford Door Sales at (651) 455-1221 today. 

House after residential garage door repair in St. Paul, MN

Steel and Steel Insulated Overhead Doors

Wayne-Dalton is a leading manufacturer of residential garage doors. Our doors offer more than just a way to close up your garage. Instead, our doors add style and beauty in a way that you may have not imagined. With so many choices, Wayne-Dalton is certain to have the door that best meets the look and architecture of your home.

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custom wooden garage door

Custom Wood Doors

In Mt. Hope Ohio, Amish craftsmen hand-build some of the finest wood garage doors in the world expressly for your home. The Wayne-Dalton Series 7000 doors combine the classic swing-open appearance and detailing of carriage house wood doors with the convenience of standard sectional garage doors. by WAYNE DALTON

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steel and vinyl garage door

Steel Doors with Vinyl Overlays 

Wayne-Dalton Model 9700 sectional steel garage doors that are rugged, low-maintenance, and insulated. They are pre-finished in Eurowhite, gray, green, or clay. by WAYNE DALTON

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fiberglass molded garage door

Fiberglass Molded Doors

Model 9800 has been magnificently engineered by Wayne-Dalton in conjunction with Therma-Tru, the leading national manufacturer of entry doors.

The artfully molded fiberglass surface is layered over an underlying durable steel door. The high-definition wood-grain of the fiberglass will astound your eyes. by WAYNE DALTON

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