How To Buy A Door

Better Business Bureau Tips for Consumers on:


1. Be wary of business phone lines that simply answer "Service". Some dealers operate under many different aliases and names, they have to answer the phone in a generic manner. You can ask the company for their business name and address. If they cant answer this question, then you may not be calling a local, reputable business.

2. Watch for advertising that just lists phone numbers but no business address.

3. Ask for an estimate and sign an authorization form before agreeing to the service. You want understand and review the services, products, costs, and disclosures before any work is done.

4. Comparison shop before deciding on what company to pursue for garage door sales and service (there can be vast differences in price and differing opinions on what should be repaired or replaced)

5. When looking at directory advertising – a company with a full-page ad is not necessarily more reputable or have more experience than a company with a smaller listing. Check the BBB for a reliability report on the company.

6. Watch for long lists of discounts or lowest price claims. It may seem enticing to get a large discount, but what is better – paying full price for a $110 repair, or getting a 10% discount off a $600 bill for the same repair?

7. Decide how important "fast service" is. Some companies state that they can provide service in short time frames. Weight convenience with waiving your ability to shop around.

8. Look for rating claims, like "we're #1 in customer service". Companies must be able to substantiate where and when they've received awards/designations. This should be disclosed in the advertisement.

9. Ask about any ad claim that seems too good to be true, such as "lifetime warranty on service and parts". Ask for details, limitations, and exclusions.